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i'm 22 and have a lot to figure out. i live somewhere on the west coast and am in love with a man named rob. vegan and straightedge, and i take nice photos. i like mountains and fresh air. i like to listen.

I’m reading an excerpt from my best friend’s daily blog and it always makes me so emotional when she writes about me. She is writing about how she has changed in the last year, and mentioned me moving away. Here I am, tearing up at everything.

Van was still home. Not in our hometown, but in our state’s capital, only a couple hours away. If something went wrong or we needed each other, it was completely possible to hop in the car to get a best friend hug. I didn’t realize how much I relied on having her close. How sad it really was that she was leaving. But I also didn’t realize how much pride I had in her and how much drive she has to get what she wants.”

Best friend for life.

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Google “Mean Abs June” I did it and I literally got definition in my abs.

DOING IT. I don’t see why not. Day 1!

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Ug #1 reason why the two of us should just move to an island together and live in harmony with our mashed potatoes. I love you.

We are planting a whole field of just potatoes on that island, I hope you know. I love you too. 

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omG van that’s the funniest thing i’ve ever heard

RIGHT this family of 4 walked in and i am just like what no

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get your tookus to rapids right now


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tears in my eyes.

seriously i would give anything to just spend a solid weekend with you guys because all i do is sit at home and cry, literally, because i can’t figure out why all of a sudden everyone here started to dislike me and exclude me

i need down to earth people who aren’t full of themselves, always trying to be right, always trying to prove themselves, always trying to show up everyone else

and that is you guys, seriously

like i will bike home if need be

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you weren’t invited? D: even my family was invited… that’s so depressing.

nope, nothing. i literally would have made the effort to go. i was thinking if they had a photographer or not and how i literally would have done their pictures for free because their family was like 2nd family to me for so long. saklfkladfs


go to my blog and look at how big your icons are because my theme apparently blows up all icons


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omg preshead and i agree with everything myia said

oh yeah and they suck because everyone started ganging up on me and being ridiculously passive aggressive and there is nothing i can’t stand more than when a good friend has a problem with me and it’s enough to ruin our friendship because they don’t address the problem