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i have no idea what i'm doing anymore.

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(by Van Gachnang.)

Went for a bike ride this morning!

Be Nice To Me // The Front Bottoms
(by Van Gachnang.)
Giveaway time!As many of you know, I’m moving to San Francisco next month and have been donating and selling a ton of my possessions so I can start fresh and live with fewer belongings. I have a handful of cameras that I’ll be selling, but this one is for you guys. I’ve had a lot of support throughout the last few years and I want to give one of you something back!I will be giving away a Canon AE-1 35mm film camera with one roll of Kodak Max 400 color film and one roll of Polaroid color film. I’ll ship it to you (in the United States only) and send you a little love letter. This camera is really great for all types of photographers, whether this is your first camera or your 10th! Learning how to properly expose film and waiting for the results after getting the film developed is a great experience and I think everyone should get a shot at it. What you need to do:1. Like my page Van Gachnang Photography2. Reblog this post without removing any informationI’ll do a random drawing on August 1st for the winner and I’ll let you know if you’ve won by message.Thanks everyone!

Love this.

Rob has been coming over for lunch more often because I’m basically unemployed and his work is just down the road from my house. Usually we watch the Office or Bob’s Burgers, but today we sat down at the table with no TV and no music playing, just talking. 

We talked about the first weekend we spent together when I was in so much pain from getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I asked him when the first time he seriously considered moving to California with me was. He asked when I knew that I wanted to make this work rather than let our relationship dissipate when I moved. We talked about all the things we already knew, but put into better words. 

"The first few times we kissed and I left your house, I could still taste you on my lips and I slept good those nights."